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We Deliver - Fresh, Frozen or Dry ...

We Deliver - Fresh, Frozen or Dry ...

We Deliver - Fresh, Frozen or Dry ...

Covid-19 Safety Plan

Date Completed:        18-January-2021

How we are ensuring workers know how to keep themselves safe from exposure to Covid-19:

  • Masks are mandatory in all common areas of the facility.
  • Reminder to all staff that everyone stays 6ft apart.
  • Limiting outside visitors from coming into the building.
  • Postings have been placed at every Cam-Scott Entrance reminding anyone entering the building they must be wearing a mask and not to enter if feeling unwell.
  • If staff does have symptoms during off-hours, they are aware they need to contact Human Resources immediately.

How we are screening for Covid-19:

  • Staff and Driving School students are to complete a Covid-19 Required Screening Questionnaire every day, first thing before starting their shift.
  • Anyone who does not work in the building (e.g., drivers) must check in with reception and complete the Visitor Covid-19 Screening and wait at reception to be greeted by staff member they are seeing.

 Physical Distancing and Separation

  • Workstations are spread apart.
  • Limiting the number of staff members in meetings.


  • 2x daily cleaning of common areas
  • Hiring of full-time maintenance person to clean areas.
  • Lysol/Clorox wipes available to all staff to use on personal areas as desired.
  • Remind/encourage staff to wash hands, use proper cough and sneeze etiquette and avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth.

What will we do if there is a potential case, or suspected exposure to, Covid-19 at our workplace?

  • Employees have been instructed to notify Human Resources immediately at the onset of symptoms associated with Covid-19.
  • We have communicated to staff to NOT come to work if they are experiencing any of the Covid-19 symptoms, and once they get tested, they are to follow Durham Public Health Guidelines of self-isolating while waiting for test results. If the results are negative the employee can return to work once they are symptom free for 24-hours.
  • Once the organization is/if made aware prior to an employee getting test results we will review who they potentially have been in direct contact with. Once it is confirmed someone has tested positive, we will follow Durham Public Health Guidelines. We will notify the staff who worked in the same vicinity as the employee that someone within the organization has tested positive for Covid-19 (we will release the name of the employee if they give permission), explain that as per Durham Public Health that unless they had direct exposure to the staff member (physical touch, confined space for more than 10 minutes) that it is not a requirement to get tested and they are not required to self-isolate from others and household members do not need to self-isolate. Employees should continue to physically distance, wear a mask when physical distancing is not possible and wash your hands often. Continue to self-monitor and get tested if symptoms develop.
  • We will contact Public Health to provide names, phone numbers, dates to assist in the process of contact tracing and will follow any recommendations that Public Health gives the organization.

How we are managing any new risks caused by the changes made to the way we operate our business.

Our organization will continue to monitor rule changes/preventative measures outlined by Federal/Provincial/Municipal/Public Health officials and put recommendations into place and communicate to our staff accordingly.

How we are making sure our plan is working?

Cam-Scott Transport has assigned Human Resources (working alongside the Management team) to take charge of Covid-related issues, including communications to all staff on changing policies and procedures, and encouraging staff that if they feel there is a risk to coming to work, they are to bring their concerns to their Manager/Human Resources directly to investigate and implement changes.

Plan changes will be updated and communicated as the need arises, however on a minimal basis the plan will be reviewed with Human Resources and the Company Owner monthly, using the Ontario.ca website covid-19.ontario.ca.